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Letter from Vienna

September 1999

Dear and Highly Esteemed Miss Nicolesco,

Please allow me to avail myself of this opportunity to warmly thank you for the privilege of having invited me to be a member of the Jury of the Hariclea Darclée International Voice Competition. The attention granted to the smallest details, the general enthusiasm I witnessed were absolutely unique. All my expectations concerning the artistic level have been exceeded, starting with the two opera productions of the highest level, Mozart’s Idomeneo and Don Giovanni, as well as the inaugural concert and the grand finale.

I do not know of any other voice contest able to rank in all the moments of its events at such a high level as the one dedicated to Hariclea Darclée’s memory in Braila, and I think that the explanation consists of the extreme intensity of the event under all its aspects. This is more than a usual voice contest, it is at the same time a competition, a master class and a genuine musical festival. This is what makes it incomparable and unique. That is why I am so happy to send to the young artists whose career started in Braila my best wishes for good luck on the road they have embarked upon.

Concurrently with you, Miss Nicolesco, I would also like to address my warm thanks to all those who have stood by you, for the wonderful moments we have all experienced. There are voice contests in the world, but there is only one Braila and only one Hariclea Darclée International Voice Competition.

Josef Hussek
Director Kammeroper